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Landscaping in Market Harborough & Leicester

At Bowden Fencing we have a large supply of landscaping products in stock including edging timbers, gravel boards and railway sleepers. Available to both domestic and trade customers, our range of products are essential when it comes to working on your landscaping project.

Edging Timbers

Edging timbers allow you to add borders to your garden to create pathways or section off areas where plants, herbs or trees are growing.

The wood used for edging timbers is usually prefabricated, therefore, making it easier to install. However, if your wood isn’t already treated, you will need to do this. This reduces the likelihood of shrinkage after installation. If you are planning on carrying out your landscaping project yourself you should be aware that timber edging is harder to design than other materials and is usually carried out by professionals.

Railway Sleepers

Railway sleepers can be installed either vertically or horizontally. When installed vertically they can separate your garden into multiple different ‘rooms’ or sections. It can offer your children a play space away from your plants or provide you with a cornered off herb garden.

Softwood and hardwood sleepers are available, with the hardwood being the more expensive, but, more durable option. Once treated with an oil based preservative the sleepers will often take on a dark or medium brown colour.

Gravel Boards

Gravel boards are used to raise fence panels or closeboard off the ground, protecting timber from moisture damage. If fence panels maintain contact with the ground for a long period of time, moisture penetrates the surface causing the timber to rot and decay.

Bowden Fencing supply gravel boards in a range of heights and lengths so that they are suitable for almost every project.

To find out more about our landscaping products please contact a member of our team on 01858 410660.

Garden landscaping we can supply:

  • Gravel, Bark and Play Bark
  • Screens and trellis
  • Landscape Sleepers
  • Timber Edging - pressure treated timber to construct raised beds
  • Bridges

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